What are the Benefits of Using Hydraulic Vertical Shores for Trench Safety?

In any trench work, making sure that your workers have the proper protection they need from cave ins and collapses is of the utmost importance. Offering a trench safety solution that works to actively prevent hazardous collapses, you can count on the Hydraulic Vertical Shores from Allen Trench Safety to ensure that your workers have the protection they need to get the job with safety and efficiency. If you’ve been looking for a shoring solution that can help enhance worker safety, here’s how your team can benefit from the hydraulic shoring jacks from Hydraulic Vertical Shores.

Greater Transportability

Small enough to be carried by hand and made from lightweight aluminum, the hydraulic shoring systems from Allen Trench Safety offer one of the most convenient solutions in trench safety. Easily transported to and from worksites in the back of any pickup truck, the aluminum shoring jacks from HVS can help reduce the expenditures involved with transporting heavier trench boxes.

A Simplified Design That Can be Assembled by Hand

Unlike traditional shoring boxes that require heavy machinery to assemble, Hydraulic vertical shores can easily be assembled, and inserted into trenches by hand. Easily operated with a pump can and a release hook, Hydraulic Vertical Shores were designed to provide workers with an effective and convenient trench shoring system. Providing protection from collapses in a matter of minutes, the hydraulic shoring jacks from Allen Trench Safety can help your team get trench work done quickly while lessening the risk of collapses and cave-ins.

Trench Shoring That Prevents Hazards

Another benefit of hydraulic vertical shores is their ability to prevent cave ins and wall collapses. While trench boxes work to shield workers from falling dirt and debris in the event of a wall collapse, the hydraulic shoring jacks from Allen Trench Safety actively work to prevent collapses altogether. By applying pressure to the trench wall, HVS are able to maintain the equilibrium of the surrounding dirt, helping to ensure that trench walls are sturdy and stable during trench work.

When you’re looking for an effective safety solution for any trench work, your workers can benefit from the convenience and added safety that hydraulic vertical shores can provide. Browse our available hydraulic shoring systems online or contact us today to learn more about the benefits that Hydraulic vertical shores can provide.