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Safe, cost-efficient, and effective trench safety.

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Proven, long-lasting aluminum hydraulic shoring systems.

In use for over forty years, aluminum hydraulic shoring systems are a proven, cost-efficient, and effective way to keep trench workers safe. Unlike traditional trench boxes, hydraulic vertical shores aim to prevent collapse by compressing trench walls. This compression stabilizes the walls, allowing workers to safely perform their duties without the fear of collapse. Best of all, hydraulic vertical shores are lightweight, easy to transport, and significantly less expensive than trench boxes.

  • A simple, straightforward solution.

    Hydraulic vertical shores are a simple, straightforward answer to the question, “How do I keep my trench workers safe?” A lot of customers – especially those who typically use trench boxes – aren’t familiar with how shoring systems work. Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s easy! Hydraulic vertical shores can be assembled in less than five minutes, require only a single person to transport, and provide a level of safety equal to – or greater than – standard trench boxes. If you’re interested in reading about the features and benefits of shoring systems, click the link below to learn more.

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Hydraulic Vertical Shores