Hydraulic Vertical Shores is proudly owned and operated by Allen Trench Safety.

The features and benefits aluminum shoring jacks

Aluminum shoring jacks are a flexible, effective way to apply pressure to the sides of a trench using a hydraulic cylinder. This pressure works to prevent trench collapses by creating an equilibrium that ensures that the trench’s walls remain stable. Where traditional trench boxes are a protective measure, hydraulic shores are a preventative measure. In addition to ensuring the safety of your workers, hydraulic vertical shores offer a wide range of benefits.

The benefits of hydraulic vertical shores

  • They require only one person to install, allowing them to keep pace with the excavation as it is being dug.
  • Because they are lightweight and compact, they can be transported to and from the job site in the back of a pick-up truck.
  • They are often a more cost-effective option, with prices being substantially lower than standard trench boxes.
  • The design of hydraulic vertical shores makes them ideal for jobs where utilities must be crossed.

While there is a learning curve involved, hydraulic vertical shores have been around for more than forty years. Their longevity in the market is due to their consistency, reliability, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness. We encourage you to visit our “How It Works” page if you’re like to learn how our aluminum hydraulic shoring systems work.