Protect Your Trench Workers with Hydraulic Vertical Shores

Hydraulic Vertical Shores provide the best trench safety equipment on the market. Once the trench has been dug for gas lines, water, lines, or electrical wiring, safety precautions need to be taken to protect your workers from being injured in the event of earth collapsing on them. Hydraulic trench shoring offers effective and efficient solutions for your trench safety needs. Read further for more information about Hydraulic Vertical Shores and why they are the premier trench safety product.

Have the Right Tools for the Job

Your workers need the right tools to finish their trench work, and the safety equipment is the most important part of that. Hydraulic Vertical Shores are an essential part of the safety equipment. There are other tools you will need to ensure that you can properly setup the shores, so they can function the proper way you need them to. The first thing you need is a pump can that will properly pressurize the shore for a strong, secure hold to prevent the ground around the trench from collapsing. Conversely, the release tool is necessary to safely release the pressure when the workday is finished. The removal hook is the last tool you need, allowing workers to safely and easily remove the shores from the trench before going home for the day.

Use a Fin Board for Additional Support

Fin Board is another important tool for shoring, although it’s not needed for all soil types. This product is made from pressure treated plywood to provide added support for the trench walls and peace of mind to your workers. Fin Boards are designed to be used in instances where the soil is unraveling or there is a possibility of the cylinder being undermined. When these threats are present or anticipated, be sure to get Fin Board to ensure that the trench walls are properly supported.

Easy to Transport, Set Up, and Use

One of the best features about the Hydraulic Vertical Shores is the ease with which your workers can use and maintain them. Made from a strong yet lightweight aluminum, they can be easily set up by one or two workers. They are also easily stackable and can be transported in the back of a standard-sized pickup or a small trailer. This means less time spent tinkering to get the set up and no large, cumbersome equipment to take up space.

Hydraulic Vertical Shores has all the products and accessories to ensure that your trench worksite is safe for all of your workers. Contact us and let us know about your vertical shoring needs today.