Maintain a Proper Work Routine with Hydraulic Trench Shoring

After you’ve dug your trench and are ready to get down in the dirt to work on gas lines, water lines, electrical wiring, etc., you want to make sure you take proper precautions and follow the correct routine with hydraulic trench shoring. Trench shoring helps to ensure your trench stays safe while you and your workers perform tasks in it.

The right tools

When working with hydraulic trench shoring, you want to be sure our team has all the necessary tools before heading out to the job site. To do the job safely, working with hydraulic vertical shores requires you to have, along with the shores themselves, a pump can, release tool, and removal hook. Your pump can help to ensure the shores reach the pressure they need to give a secure hold. The release tool assures you can release this pressure without being in immediate danger when doing so. Lastly, the removal hook lets your team remove the vertical shores safely from outside the trench. Each has their importance when working with trench shores, so make sure they’re with you when you’re ready to start the job.

Additional support

Although not necessary for all soil types, Fin Board is another important tool you can use with trench shoring to keep everything held in place. Made from pressure treated plywood, Fin Board should be used when there is unravelling of soil or possible undermining of the cylinder. So, if the qualified personnel on your job site see any of these potential threats present, do the job right with proper support from Fin Board.

Whenever you work in a trench, Hydraulic Vertical Shores has all the tools you need to get in and out safely every time. If you want to learn more about what our products can do for your job site, contact us today!