Learn More About how Hydraulic Vertical Shores Work to Prevent Hazards

Having proper protection from cave ins and collapses is essential in any kind of trench work. Helping to bring convenient and effective trench safety solutions to workers, Hydraulic Vertical Shores from Allen Trench Safety can help crews stay safe in any trenching operation. If you are looking to provide your workers with the enhanced safety that the aluminum hydraulic shoring jacks from HVS have to offer, but want to learn more about how they work, here’s what you need to know about Hydraulic Vertical Shores.

A Trench Safety Solution That is Easy to Set Up, and Easy to Take Down

Hydraulic Vertical Shores were designed to help workers save time with a fast and easy set up process. Unlike traditional trench boxes which require the use of heavy machinery, Hydraulic Vertical Shores are small enough to be properly transported and assembled by hand. With just a few pumps from the pump can, the hydraulic shores from HVS will be prepped and ready to use, offering a fast and effective trench shoring solution. Just as easy to take down as they are to set up, with either a release hook or a release tool, you can quickly decompress and remove Hydraulic Vertical Shores when they are no longer needed.

Providing Effective Trench Safety by Preventing Collapses

The aluminum shoring jacks from HVS can provide a trench safety solution that offers the same level of safety as standard shoring boxes. Where traditional trench boxes work to shelter workers from surrounding dirt and debris in the event of the collapse of a trench wall, Hydraulic Vertical Shores work to prevent collapses entirely. By compressing the soil of the trench walls, Hydraulic Vertical Shores create an equilibrium that ensures that the trench holds its shape, creating a safe workable space within a stable trench.

Helping to provide trench workers with effective trench shoring equipment for over 18 years, the Hydraulic Vertical Shores from Allen Trench Safety are designed with a thorough understanding of the concerns and needs of trench workers. Offering an effective shoring solution in that’s easy to install, remove, and that prevents hazards from occurring during any kind of trench work, you can count on Hydraulic Vertical Shores to help ensure that your workers have adequate trench safety. Browse the Hydraulic shoring jacks from Allen Trench Safety on our website or contact us today to learn more of the benefits that Hydraulic Vertical Shores can offer your crew.