Learn How Hydraulic Trench Shoring Keeps Trench Workers Safe

If you have been considering using a hydraulic shoring system for your worksite, you may be wondering just how a hydraulic shoring system can work in the place of traditional trench boxes. Making use of a simplified design that actively prevents collapses and cave ins, hydraulic vertical shores are an effective piece of trench safety equipment that anyone on the jobsite can use. If you are hesitant to make the switch to the hydraulic shoring systems because they seem too different from other shoring systems, here is what you should know.

An Effective Preventative Measure Against Collapses

Hydraulic vertical shores work differently from traditional trench shoring boxes in many ways. Where shoring boxes work to create a workable space by walling off the soil that makes up the trench’s walls, providing safety in the event of a collapse, hydraulic vertical shores work to actively prevent collapses. Applying pressure to the walls of a trench, compressing the surrounding soil, and creating a workable space while supporting the soil, hydraulic vertical shores work to prevent collapses rather than protect from them. Providing an effective preventative measure against cave ins and collapses, hydraulic vertical shores work to keep workers safe by stopping collapses before they can happen.

Easily Assembled for Fast and Convenient Safety

With a basic set up of two hydraulic shoring jacks, a pump can, and a release tool, workers can easily bring greater safety to their trenching operations. Hydraulic vertical shores can be set up and taken down without needing the assistance of machinery. Able to be fitted to a fin board if necessary hydraulic vertical shores can provide even greater stability to your trench’s walls.

Installation of hydraulic vertical shores is easy, so workers of any amount of experience can use them. With easy preparation and assembly, your team will be able to benefit from the easy and effective safety that hydraulic vertical shores have to offer. With just a gallon of hydraulic fluid, and a couple of pumps, you can easily

prep your pump can for operation before assembling your shoring jacks.
Taking only eight steps to assemble, hydraulic vertical shores can be prepared on site. Making use of a simple design, these hydraulic shoring jacks not only help make having effective trench safety easier, but they also make it faster. Providing an effective solution for trench safety, hydraulic vertical shores by Allen Trench Safety can help you keep your trenching operations safe without the drawbacks of traditional shoring boxes. Contact us today if you have questions about how hydraulic vertical shores can benefit your crew.