Keep Workers Safe With Effective Aluminum Shoring Solutions

No matter what kind of work you are doing, safety should always be one of your priorities. This is especially important In any kind of work that requires workers to enter into trenches where potential collapses and cave ins pose a significant risk. When you are looking for a safety solution that can help ensure that your workers are properly protected during any trench work, look no further than the Hydraulic Vertical Shores from Allen Trench Safety. Offering a convenient preventative measure that ensures your workers have the protection they need, here’s how your crew can benefit from using Hydraulic Vertical Shores at the jobsite.

A Shoring Solution That Offers Fast and Effective Safety

The hydraulic shoring jacks from Hydraulic Vertical Shores offer one of the most convenient solutions in trench safety. Made from lightweight aluminum, Hydraulic Vertical Shores are light enough to be carried to and from trenching operations by hand and are small enough to be transported to the jobsite in the back of any truck. Making use of a simplified design that allows for smaller crews to prep their worksites with effective trench shoring, the aluminum shoring jacks from HVS were designed for fast installation and removal, and are easily assembled and operated with just a pump can and a release tool, allowing workers to finish jobs quickly with effective trench safety.

A Solution That Prevents Collapses and Cave Ins

The hydraulic shoring jacks from Allen trench safety offer a trench safety solution that is just as effective as traditional shoring boxes, but where trench boxes work to protect workers in the event of a collapse, Hydraulic Vertical Shores actively work to prevent cave ins. By applying pressure to compress the surrounding soil of the trench walls, the shoring jacks from HVS work by maintaining the equilibrium and stability of the trench walls. Creating a workable space that is safe from the potential cave ins and collapses, you can ensure that your workers have the safety they need to get the job done with Hydraulic Vertical Shores.

Providing workers with an efficient trench safety solution for the aluminum shoring jacks from Hydraulic Vertical Shores can add convenient and effective safety to almost any worksite where trench work is involved. With over 18 years of experience in providing effective safety solutions, Allen Trench Safety has provided effective safety equipment for trench workers all across the country. Browse our available shoring jacks on our website or contact us to learn more about how Hydraulic Vertical Shores can benefit your jobsite.