3 Reasons Trench Workers Prefer Aluminum Shoring

When it comes to trench safety, aluminum shoring is a proven, time-tested solution. Across the country, more and more trench workers are adopting them to keep themselves safe. Lighter than traditional trench boxes and much easier to transport, they’ve become a go-to piece of equipment for plumbers, municipal workers, utility companies, underground contractors, and more. Recognizing that many workers aren’t aware of their unique benefits, we’ve put together this list of three reasons why trench workers should – and do! – prefer hydraulic vertical shores.

1. Prevention

Standard trench boxes aim to mitigate the effects of a collapse by containing the surrounding soil. Vertical shores, on the other hand, work to prevent collapses from occurring in the first place. By compressing the surrounding soil, they ensure that the trench’s walls remain stable.

2. Simplicity

Assembling aluminum shoring is a breeze and can be completed by a single worker. With only four basic items needed – two shores, a pump can, a release hook, and a release tool – you can get your work area set up and prepped in no time flat.

3. Lightweight

One of the biggest drawbacks of trench boxes is that they are bulky. When you’re working in a large trench, you need a large trench box… which creates all manner of logistical issues. How do you transport a massive box? How many people are needed to install it? Vertical shores are compact and made from lightweight aluminum, allowing them to be transported – and carried – in smaller vehicles and by fewer workers.

At Hydraulic Vertical Shores, we aim to provide the industry’s most dependable trench safety solutions. Whether you’re a small contractor looking to supplement your existing equipment or you’re a massive company in need of several configuration, we can help! To learn more, we encourage you to browse our website, take a look at our online store, and contact us with any questions that you may have.